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Conception & Implementation

"The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests."

Charles Eames

Are you dependent on your web designer for even the smallest change?

Become independent with intuitive interfaces.

Back in the day = expensive
Nowadays = cost-effective

Websites used to be expensive, but those days belong to the past.

Facts in black & white.

What's your benefit?

  • Personalized website or e-commerce online shop
  • On request including content creation (images, videos, texts)
  • Conception and implementation of a unique internet presence
  • Including SEO search engine optimization for Google, Bing etc.
  • Update to GDPR compliance (EU General Data Protection Regulation)
  • On the safe side: Checked legal texts (imprint, cookies, etc.)
  • Responsive web design: Adapted design on end devices of all kinds
  • Latest security standards: SSL certificate with conversion to "https"
  • Tested usability: Intuitive functionality for you and the visitor
  • Corporate design: We adapt your website to your company image
  • Content: Appropriate advertising texts and/or images for your industry
  • Structure: Clarity and minimalism are our strengths
  • You can edit your content on the go using your cell phone
  • Automated statistics and analysis of visitors to your site
  • Countless competitive advantages over your competition

What can you expect?

  • Independent way of working up to the presentation
  • Fast, efficient and up-to-date work through template technology
  • After completion you are independent of us or other companies
  • Simple and intuitive change of page content like in Microsoft Word
  • An uncomplicated and well thought-out complete solution for you
  • Technical instruction in the product upon delivery
  • Provider's hotline and online customer service

Things I'll take care of for you.

  • Analysis of your competition with corresponding adjustment of the content
  • Adoption and optimization of content from previous websites (if available)

What you won't have to deal with any longer.

  • No more unpleasant surprises (switching from PHP / SSL)
  • No more overslept legal changes (legal texts, GDPR etc.)
  • No more outdated security standards ("Not secure" display in the domain field)
  • No more outdated web design (Automatically adapts to mobile, tablet, PC, etc.)
  • No costly touch-ups by your web designer or external agencies
  • No more long waiting times for queries (provider hotline)

No content at hand?

I create output.

For your website.

Fast & efficient.

Web design is rocket science? Not in a long time. I analyze your needs and tailor a website to your needs. I rely on the latest template technology and thus save you long waiting times and extortionate prices that are customary in the industry.

Thought through & effective.

My goal is complete solutions. Coherent overall concepts based on structure and creativity. My concepts and menu navigation keep visitors on your website for a long time and ensure a precise landing, so that visitors become customers.

Direct & personal.

Each project is implemented by me personally in order to guarantee an uncomplicated solution. I value direct customer contact to avoid unnecessary email traffic.

Project phases at a glance.

1. Conception

The beginning of every web development is the creation of a seamless structure that contains the most important elements of your website and puts them in the limelight. I also focus on conversion optimization. A pleasant user interface, various call-to-action elements and an increase in your reputation through a clear presentation of your content ensure a solid conversion rate. If necessary, I can also create content or suitable advertising texts for you. Of course optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

2. Design

Then I give the model a matching coat of paint. I design the website in your company's colors and define the typography to create a coherent image. All elements are placed so that they are easy to read, so I ensure a modern mobile responsive web design that is optimally displayed on all common browsers and mobile devices and uses the entire screen. The user-friendliness is put through its paces by me in advance to ensure an intuitive surfing experience.

3. Services

At the start of the project, I take care of moving your domain and all other issues that your new website needs. I work independently on the project and will always keep you up to date. After completion, there is a presentation with simultaneous instruction in the product. Cost-intensive upgrades or regular maintenance can usually be dispensed with, since you are independent of me after delivery. You can edit the content of your page yourself at any time. Also on the go via app. And it's as easy as in Microsoft Word.

Want to see results?

A picture is worth a thousand words.
A project speaks volumes.

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