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"Fashion is the armor to survive
the reality of everyday life."

Bill Cunningham

German Precision. Turkish Experience.

The best of both: Turkish know-how meets german accuracy. Meetings can be hold in Bremen, Berlin, Cologne or Istanbul. We ensure precise communication and optimal accessibility at all times.

Our team is fluent in German, English and Turkish.

Minimum order quantities.


  • T-Shirts (250 Pieces)
  • Hoodies (250 Pieces)
  • Sweatshirts (250 Pieces)
  • Sweatpants (250 Pieces)
  • Shorts (250 Pieces)
  • Cargos (250 Pieces)
  • Jeans (500 Pieces)
  • Puffers (500 Pieces)
  • Denims (500 Pieces)
  • Bombers (500 Pieces)


  • Gym Tops (250 Pieces)
  • Gym Shorts (250 Pieces)
  • Leggings (500 Pieces)
  • Tanktops (250 Pieces)
  • Track Jackets (500 Pieces)
  • Track Pants (250 Pieces)
  • Swim Shorts (250 Pieces)
  • Bikinis (500 Pieces)


  • Shirts (250 Pieces)
  • Vests (500 Pieces)
  • Coats (500 Pieces)
  • Blazers (500 Pieces)
  • Jackets (500 Pieces)
  • Trousers (500 Pieces)
  • Ponchos (250 Pieces)
  • Kimonos (250 Pieces)
  • Overshirts (250 Pieces)
  • Knit Sweaters (500 Pieces)


  • Boxershorts (1000 Pieces)
  • Wristbands (1000 Pieces)
  • Sunglasses (1000 Pieces)
  • Jewelry (1000 Pieces)
  • Socks (1000 Pieces)
  • Scarves (250 Pieces)
  • Belts (500 Pieces)
  • Caps (250 Pieces)
  • Hats (250 Pieces)
  • Beanies (250 Pieces)
  • Bags (500 Pieces)

About 90% of our products are being produced in Turkey. Certain accessories are being produced in China.

Both countries are market-leaders in specific categories. Flexibility is key to assure the best possible product quality at a fair price point. 100% transparent. 100% certified.

A selection of brands my partners have worked with.

Facts in black & white.


  • The production facilities of our manufacturers are located on the European side of Istanbul. Therefore they're centrally located and easily accessible.
  • Our driver picks you up from the airport. Direct shuttle service to the office.
  • Personal meetings can be held in Istanbul, Cologne or Bremen. We're fluent in English, German and Turkish to ensure professional service and a family-like atmosphere.


  • From the idea of ​​a product to it's completion is an exciting path - our production partners accompany their customers right from the start and support them along the way. They're looking back on decades of experience within the textile industry.
  • The first sketches and suggestions are converted into graphics and patterns by our designers. This results in a first sample as a working basis - cut, material, processing and finishing are discussed and tested until the desired product has been perfected.
  • After approval of the final production sample, the collection is ready within 6-8 weeks.
  • The entire production process takes about 4 months, depending on it's complexity.


  • Our partners give great importance to sustainability and environmental protection, so it goes without saying that all important certifications are met during production.
  • According to the customer's request, we're able to certify our products accordingly.
  • Our production partners offer recycled materials and advise its customers responsibly on the subject of packaging in order to keep the usage of plastic as low as possible.
  • In addition, our production partners pay attention to animal welfare. They've currently refrained from processing merino wool, as it is difficult to obtain 100% confirmation that neither live plucking nor mulesing was carried out on the sheep.

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