E-Commerce Scaling

Social Media Ads

"Scaling your company is like watching your kid grow up."


I learned from industry leaders:

Spacedome Media GmbH

Über 1.000.000€ Ad Spent im Monat

Über 48.000.000€ generierter Umsatz
Offizieller Meta Business Partner in Deutschland

I've successfully completed the DTC Academy.

Development of gross sales from a client's online shop

E-commerce scaling with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads over a period of 3 months

Facts in black & white.

What's your benefit?

  • Crossmedia social ads
  • Meta Group, Tik Tok & X
  • Growing conversion rapidly
  • More successful checkouts
  • Hands-on scaling experience
  • Years of experience in e-commerce
  • Growing pains become growing gains
  • In-house clothing brand as social proof

What can you expect?

  • Fair fixed price, no hidden costs
  • Independent way of working up to the presentation
  • Fast, efficient and uncomplicated solutions for you

What I'm working with.

  • Apple Hardware: Thanks to the Macbook Pro, I'm mobile
  • Social Ads Apps incl. Meta Business Suite
  • Mobile solutions: Earn from anywhere
  • Online Shops: Shopify

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